Petition - Provide funding to Staffordshire County Council to reduce a £35 million deficit

Staffordshire UNISON has launched a campaign to stop the £35m cuts proposed by Staffordshire County Council.

As a Branch we have created a petition asking the UK Government to provide adequate funding to Staffordshire County Council to help reduce the deficit. 

Once these services go we won’t get them back; our family, friends and colleagues are worth more than this, their quality of life and services to provide that quality of life are worth fighting for and we need to join collectively to ensure these cuts are diluted at the very least.

As a matter of urgency please circulate this petition to all your colleagues, friends and family.  Please note the petition isn’t fully signed until you have clicked on the link in the email that is sent to you from the petition. Please share as widely as possible.

Can we please ask that you support this campaign and the work of Staffordshire UNISON Branch in the following ways:

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If you would like further information on the campaign please email us or contact the Branch on 01785 245000.