Retired Members

Stay involved in UNISON - Become a Retired Member!


Why Does UNISON Have Retired Members?

Before you retired, UNISON provided the best representation and support at work when you needed it, as well as a wide range of other services. Now that you are retired we believe that you deserve to continue to go on benefiting from UNISON membership and are able to play an active role in the union.

A trade union should reflect the society in which it operates and there are over 10 million older people living in the UK!

Have a Voice!

As part of the biggest union in the country, you can continue to contribute towards our influential voice on a huge range of issues that affect you such as pensions, the health service and age discrimination. Ensure that your voice is heard for your sake and the sake of future generations!

Take Part in UNISON's Democracy

You can participate in the democratic structures of the union. UNISON is unique in the trade union movement in having a Retired Members' Organisation, whose structure mirrors that of working members. This means that you can play a role in UNISON's democratic machinery at all levels.

Retired members can attend branch meetings and have representation on the branch Committee and Regional Council. They also send representatives to the National Delegate Conference. A National Retired Members' Conference is held annually, where retired members can debate the issues of importance to them and submit two motions for the agenda of National Delegate Conference. In this way you can influence union policy from branch to national level.


You can maintain the link between the employed and retired, thus promoting solidarity between the generations. Retired and working members have a shared interest in the provision of decent incomes in older age, a universal health service and the creation of civilised society.

Today's workers are tomorrow's pensioners and UNISON's members work in public services on which older people are heavily reliant.

There are also links with other pensioner organisations at home and abroad through which you can campaign.

Keeping in Touch

You will be able to keep in touch with former working colleagues through the branch and the regular "U" Magazine will tell you on the latest news and developments in the wider union.

Membership Services & Benefits

You will continue to be entitled to the wide range of benefits that you recieved as a working member of UNISON, as well as legal advice and assistance from UNISON Welfare if needed.

How Retired Members Can Help Working Members

UNISON Recognises that retired members are an important organising asset. They continue to share members' interests in protecting our public services and have a wealth of personal experience to contribute. Where branches are short of person power, retired members may have time, experience and time to give.

Where branches identify a need for assistance from retired members, a protocol exists to facilitate this.

Who Can Become A Retired Member?

You can if you've been a UNISON member continuously for at least 2 years prior the day you retire from employment and are not in any other paid employment.

How Much Does Retired Membership Cost?

A one-off fee of £15 will make you a retired member of UNISON for life.

How Do I Become A Retired Member?