UNISON is supporting the TUC “BRITAIN NEEDS A PAY RISE” march and rally in London.  The day will commence with a  1.7 mile march from Portland Square (beginning at 12 noon) to Parliament Square for a Rally (1.00 pm to 2.30 pm).



Of the 31 areas of the country worst hit by the cost of living crisis, 8 of them are in the West Midlands.  Today interest rates grew to their highest levels since the last worldwide recession and last week inflation hit a recorded 30 year high.  In UNISON, we know first-hand how all of this plays out in working people’s lives because our members are telling us so every day.  We need to take action and be heard and a brilliant opportunity for us to do so is to send a sizeable delegation to the TUC Demonstration on Saturday 18th June.


2022 was supposed to be the year we got our lives back after the enduring pandemic.  However, the promise of life without restrictions means nothing to our members when they are struggling to power their homes and put food on the table.  This Government needs to act now, let’s make them listen.   

We are asking all of our branches and activists to mobilise as many members to attend the demo and march as possible.  We know this won’t be an easy task.  We are aware that there is still some apprehension about attending large scale events.  However, we are assured that the TUC have planned the 18th to be well organised and inclusive with full access for disabled members.  There is no better time, let’s join together on Saturday 18th June, as the whole of the trade union movement takes to the streets to demand action on the cost of living, a new deal for working people and a pay rise for all workers.