Why Join UNISON?

Relevance Of Trade Unions

When the question is asked “why do I need a trade union”, the response surely has to be where would you be without. Trade unions of course became aware many years ago that change can only come with political power, without it there is no change.

The response to the question is easy – through the trade unions you have public holidays, annual leave, maternity leave etc, indeed the terms and conditions that are taken for granted as being freely given.

Unison Subscription Rates

Your monthly UNISON subscriptions can be paid either by them being deducted from your salary/wages or alternatively you can choose to pay by Direct Debit.  Your subscription amount is based on your annual salary before deductions.

How Do I Join?

Ask for an application form by email: unison@staffsunison.org.uk

Telephone the Branch to request an application form on 01785 245000

Join online: joinunison.org