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About Us

UNISON is the largest trade union nationally. Founded in 1993 from the merger of the three public service unions, NUPE, NALGO & COHSE, it has a tradition as being the Union to join for public service employees.  The best way to make UNISON strong and effective in your workplace is to make sure your colleagues are in it too. We can make our views known and by sheer strength of numbers ensure action is taken to safeguard each other’s jobs and pay.

Annual General Meetings & Branch Rules

Staffordshire Branch of UNISON holds an Annual General Members Meeting every year which is held between 1st January and 31st March.


The Branch will request delegates each year to attend the many Conferences which are held around the Country.


Branch Activists

Some members are elected by their workforce to play different branch roles. Branches must elect certain core officers. They may also create other posts according to their rules. Officers are elected either at the AGM or by postal ballot beforehand.

Self-Organised Groups

Branches are encouraged to develop organisation among under-represented groups such as women, black members, LGBT members, disabled members, young members and retired members by setting up self-organised groups