“Coronavirus poses a serious threat to all of us. As social care and residential workers, we are at the forefront of the struggle against the virus. We put ourselves at risk to provide direct care and support to your families and loved ones.”

“We need all necessary support, training, equipment and resources to allow us to give critical care, prevent the spread of disease and protect our communities.”

UNISON West Midlands is campaigning to ensure social care workers receive the support and resources they need. The Government have made some commitments, but they do not adequately address concerns about resources and support getting to frontline staff and public services. More far-reaching intervention and enforcement is required to protect the social care and residential care workforce.

We are calling for urgent action now to protect vital care workers, the elderly and those most at risk to the spread of COVID-19.

If you work in social or residential care, please fill out the following survey to help us find out about the issues and realities that you are facing on the front lines, and make the case to those in power that more support is needed