About Staffordshire Branch of UNISON


A warm welcome from Staffordshire Branch of UNISON to all our members and prospective members.

Depending on where you work and your occupation, now more than ever you need to consider becoming a trade union member.  If you are already you will understand and recognise the benefits and as we join together we are the voice of the membership.  A voice that is loud and clear when joined in UNISON than the voice of an individual.

Many people associate a trade union as only being needed during times of difficulty, but trade unions are here all the time because if you are a member you literally are the trade union.  How many organisations do you know that not only listen to your views but make your views the policy of the organisation – that’s what joining a trade union does for you.  In addition, being in a trade union not only gives you a say in your own future but also gives you a say in the service you work in.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “What is the relevance of a trade union today?”  Probably because the understanding of what a trade union does and why it is there has been lost in the midst of time.  Trade unions have developed and been known by different names for hundreds of years.  They are literally a democratic association of working people formed to protect their interests covering everything from working conditions, pay, health & safety and in times of difficulty are there when needed whether it is a grievance, disciplinary or financial.  Trade unions are also about education and training opportunities for members.

Unity Is Strength

This is probably one of the oldest trade union slogans.  Only by combining together could groups of workers improve their working terms and conditions and increase salaries.  They were also able to speak with one voice and achieve through collective bargaining what cannot be gained through individual negotiation.

The old trade union slogan still remains as relevant today as it did then.  “Pick up a match and try to break it that’s easy, now pick up twenty matches together and try to break them”.

Staffordshire Branch of UNISON

We have a Branch Secretary, four geographical area based Assistant Branch Secretaries and Branch Case Workers, together with the Branch Stewards, Health & Safety Reps, and other Branch Officer posts, all here to help you with workplace issues.  The Branch’s aim is to have a Steward in every workplace, as our Stewards are the eyes, ears and voice of our membership.

If you are interested to know more or in becoming a Steward please contact the Branch on 01785 245000.

We have approximately 6000 members employed across Local Government, in schools, Fire & Rescue, Colleges and the Private Sector

The Branch also boasts an active Retired Members section with over 1400 members.  The Branch strength is a total membership of 7400, making Staffordshire UNISON the second biggest Branch in the West Midlands.

Branch administration staff provide cover for the office between 8:30 – 16:30 Monday to Friday and are the first contact point of the Branch where a membership check will take place.  As our first priority is to our membership, we are unable to offer a service to non-members. Please note for quality and protection purposes, your call may be recorded.

The Branch has a number of communication links, including email and social media.  An answer phone is also available for use outside office hours.  Branch officers have mobile phones and access to email communication when not in the office.

UNISON also offers expert legal advice and assistance, we have a welfare fund to help members in times of difficulties and offer career help and advice from the education service.  In addition, members have the benefit of a whole range of other offers only available to UNISON members.

Together in UNISON

UNISON is the largest trade union nationally. Founded in 1993 from the merger of the three public service unions, NUPE, NALGO & COHSE, it has a tradition as being the Union to join for public service employees.

The best way to make UNISON strong and effective in your workplace is to make sure your colleagues are in it too. We can make our views known and by sheer strength of numbers ensure action is taken to safeguard each other’s jobs and pay.