Free Legal Advice

UNISON provides the broadest range of legal help to union members in the UK. We offer advice and assistance not just with work issues, but for you and your family outside the workplace too.

Services provided by Thompsons for UNISON Members:


  • Accidents at work or on the way to/from work (including industrial diseases or work-related assaults)
  • Accidents that result in personal injury whilst on union business
  • Work-related criminal offences where the police are involved
  • Immigration Issues
  • Employment Issues
  • Work tenancy problems
  • Free initial legal advice on any matter, which is not to do with work
  • Wills and conveyancing service
  • Legal help for any road traffic accident for members and their families in which they have been injured
  • Non-work related personal injury cases

In order to qualify for legal help, you need to have been a UNISON member at least 4 weeks before realising you need legal help and also be up-to-date with your membership subscriptions.

If you require any kind of legal advice or assistance, please contact the Branch on 01785 245000