We know that schools are under huge pressure re-opening with high numbers of staff absences, leading to teaching assistants, admin staff and other support staff being asked to lead whole classes or supervise large merged classes where they are not trained or paid to do so.

We are doing some press work around this. If this is happening to you, please could you email education@unison.co.uk with the subject line ‘staffing crisis’. It would be helpful if you could mention:

  • your usual job role
  • type of school (primary/secondary/special etc)
  • where you are (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
  • what you are being asked to cover outside of your usual agreed responsibilities
  • any related health and safety concerns, e.g. dealing with behaviour, safeguarding, fire regulations, air quality etc
  • your annual pay
  • a mobile number if you would be willing to talk anonymously about your experience

Please note that we will keep any examples anonymous so that you and your school will not be identified. Many thanks. If you need any assistance in challenging your school, please contact the Branch Office on 01785 245000