Dear Staffordshire UNISON member.

I hope that you are keeping well in these difficult times. I need to tell you that the Union has submitted a pay claim of 10% for 2021-2022.

A summary of the pay claim can be found here.

The employers have responded with a 1.5% offer in return. UNISON pay negotiators have rejected this offer as it is well below what we asked for and only just matches the inflation rate of 1.5% for April 2021, being the latest available (see BBC News).

The UNISON negotiators now need to know what action UNISON are willing to agree to in order to persuade the employers to increase this offer. I want Staffordshire UNISON members to let me know via the Branch Office via

Please tell us whether you (a) want the negotiators to accept the 1.5% offered or (b) refuse to accept the offer of 1.5% made and agree to consider taking part in some form of  collective action in order to make the employers reconsider?

If the national indication from members is that they support taking some action, nothing would be organised in detail without union members being consulted further and giving definitive support for this action to be taken. What I am asking for now is an early indication of what Staffordshire UNISON members want to do to make up for the 25% drop in the value of their salaries over the past 11 years.

UNISON needs an early response from you. Please let the Branch know what you want UNISON to do by 17/6/21.

Many thanks.

Mike Vaughan, Branch Secretary