The Low Pay Commission are keen to meet workers from the local area who can talk about the realities of living on the minimum wage, either through a scheduled meeting with commissioners at a local site or a visit to their workplace.

Workers’ direct experience of points such as those below may be extremely valuable to press on the commission representatives:

  • Experience of life on the minimum wage, difficulties / hardships that workers continue to experience, particularly against the background of sharp rises in the cost of living;
  • Injustices of the youth / apprentice rate, examples of people being paid differently for doing exactly the same job because of their age or staff on full NMW being replaced by young workers or apprentices for cost savings;
  • Impact on morale, motivation, turnover of staff in the workplace of low pay and improvements, if any, from recent NMW increases, along with absence of any damage to numbers employed following increases to the NMW rate.
  • Any examples of employers avoiding the NMW through such tactics as failing to pay for travel time (usually in social care) or the practical difficulties of getting rights to the NMW enforced (eg inability to access clear payment records or fear of retaliation for raising concerns)

The branch is looking to identify suitable individuals or groups that could talk to the commissioners on the dates listed, if you are interested please contact the Branch via email  or by phone on 01785 245000.