The global public services union federation – PSI –  held a recent meeting of their Education Support Workers Network to discuss the Covid Pandemic and impact on school staff. As a result they have drafted a short manifesto seeking recognition of the work that our members do. The next paragraph is the introduction to the manifesto and the full document can be found at the link below. They also did a short(ish) video of some of the exchanges at the meeting – which is also linked below:

“This manifesto is a call for recognition by a group of professionals who are among the most influential in the lives of our young people. We are our unions’ education support personnel—school and university frontline workers who are office employees, custodians, maintenance workers, bus drivers, classroom paraprofessionals, food service workers, school nurses and health aides, secretaries, special education assistants, and many others strengthening the institutions where we work, and protecting the health and welfare of our students. Health, safety, hygiene in the workplace and training must be guaranteed as fundamental human rights, based on international labour standards.”

PSI are inviting members to sign up by July 19th, so feel free to share this around

Education manifesto – in full

Link to video