On behalf of the Staffordshire Branch office, I would like to wish all UNISON members in Staffordshire the warmest compliments for the festive period. I also hope that we all have a safer, happier and more prosperous 2021. It has got to be a better year than the one drawing to a close.

These past 9 months have been extremely difficult for us all, and I am so sorry for the suffering of those unfortunate people who have either contracted Covid 19 themselves, or have had a loved one taken ill or worse with Coronavirus. You are in the thoughts of everyone at the UNISON Branch Office. The pandemic will go on for some time yet, so we must continue to keep ourselves and each other safe, well into 2021.

UNISON members across all public services have performed heroically during the lockdowns and the pandemic. It is shameful that the Government has failed to acknowledge this by imposing a wage cut with inflation rising.

Please contact the Branch Office on 01785-245000 or click here if you need any assistance with any issues.

Best Wishes
Mike Vaughan – Branch Secretary

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